Executive Meeting Minutes

Updated – 10/1/09

June 13rh, 2009
St. Luke’s Medical Center
Milwaukee, WI

Present:  Alberta Caughey, Cindy Ganzel, Mary Kissinger, Pat Recely,
Nancy Sonnleitner, Janet Wyrick

 Absent:   Shondel Hansen, Tiffany Johnson, Trish Obrecht, Jen Vogels                      

I.     Old Business

a.    Change to Bylaws

Pat presented the proposed ballot changes.  The committee reviewed the proposed changes and made some suggestions in the wording. The membership would vote on this at the annual meeting and it would take effect next year.

The final changes are (changes are in bold font): 

The officer shall be elected by a majority vote cast by the active members in good standing.  Ballots with instructions for their use shall be posted on the WCRA Webpage 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting and in order to be valid, the ballot must be cast electronically per instructions on the WCRA Webpage and must be received 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  Only valid ballots shall be tabulated by the Nominating Committee.  The results of the election shall be announced to the nominees at least seven days prior to the Annual Meeting, and announced to the general membership at the Annual Meeting.  In the event of a tie, the Executive Committee shall vote to break the tie.

II.    New Business

a.    Treasurers Report

Nancy presented the treasurer’s report. The committee reviewed the bank balances.  The CD renewal date is on 8/31/09. Nancy is looking into several interest bearing accounts. At this time we will renew the CD for another year.

Nancy also reported that Trisha Urbaniak from RegAssist provided a donation towards the fall conference this year.

b.     MembershipThe committee reviewed the membership list. Membership has been falling for several years. We discussed strategies to increase membership, such as looking into providing discounts, or coordinating webinars, offering more regional educational events, i.e. workshops in the Fox Valley, Milwaukee Area, and Northern.  We discussed limiting access to parts of the website to members only and looking into whether we could offer webinars to our members through the restricted access part of the website.  Cindy suggested we look into what other state organizations provide for their members. She suggested checking on face book or the Linked In website. 

c.     Educational Grant Request

Carole Eberle from WCRS would like to attend the Collaborative Stage training sessions in Chicago.  Because of budget cuts at the State she will not be reimbursed for registration for this workshop and asked if WCRS could help. The registration is $375.00. After much discussion the committee agreed to do this on the following conditions: Carole will conduct a minimum of 2 training sessions in different locations in the state, and one webinar.  She will not charge an honorarium for these training sessions.  

A WCRA member is interested in taking the CTR exam and has asked for a grant to help pay for some of the study materials. The materials cost $180.00. The committee agreed to provide $90.00 towards the materials if she would write an article for the WCRA website reviewing the materials, what she found helpful, what she did not find helpful.

d.     AJCC Staging Manual Discount Order

Mary will look into whether we can get a discount on the AJCC staging manual if we place a bulk order.  

e.    NCRA Liaison Position

The committee discussed whether we should reimburse someone to attend the NCRA Annual meeting at a cost of $2000-2500 a year. The symposium is available to NCRA members though their website.  It was suggested that we find a WCRA member who is going to the national meeting and ask them if they would report back to the WCRA at the fall meeting or through the website. In return we would waive their membership dues for one year. We will bring this up to the membership for their input.

f.    Annual Meeting Madison

     1.    Agenda- the committee reviewed the agenda. The brochure is in the process of being designed. The committee suggested that we send a brochure to the technical colleges that have HIM programs such as Moraine Park, Gateway, College of the Lake in Green bay, Madison Area Technical College. There will be registration by email. 

     2.    Genentech Speaker

            a.  Mary is working with the Genentech rep about a pre-conference dinner and speaker. She will send out an email when she finds out more.

     3.    Bob will contact vendors to see if they are interested in having a table at the conference. The charge will be $250.00 and they will have to pay for their meals. Possible vendors are ERS, Oncolog, CNEXT, Champs, Pyramid, K-force, and Reflex Oncology.

     4.    Bob asked about gifts for the membership, the committee thought that is not really necessary. We can check out to see if there are businesses that would be willing to donate items.   

     5.    Silent Auction

            a.  Interest in the silent auction has been waning. The committee decided that we will discontinue this for a year.

g.   Social Hours (Thursday pm)

Bob has talked to the hotel about social get together on Thursday evening.

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