October 16, 2008
Holiday Inn & Conference Center
Marshfield, WI

Call to Order: The 2008 WCRA Business meeting was called to order by President Nancy Sonnleitner at 3:15pm on Thursday, October 16, 2008. 

Membership:  The 2007 membership for WCRA is 60 members.  22 members registered for the conference with greater than 77% of active members present fulfilling the quorum requirement.

Thanks To:  Nancy Sonnleitner thanked Marshfield for hosting the 2008 WCRA annual meeting.  RegAssist, Inc. for their sponsorship of the social hour.   


2007 Annual Business Minutes:  The 2007 minutes were posted on line and had been previously read by the members.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as written and it was approved by the membership. 

NCRA Basket:  A WI state basket for the 2008 NCRA Annual Conference was sent to Minneapolis, MN by Trish Braun.  Nancy Sonnleitner thanked Trish. 

Outgoing Committee Members: Nancy Sonnleitner introduced the outgoing WCRA committee members as follows:

President-Nancy Sonnleitner
Vice President-Sara Biese
Secretary-Tiffany Johnson
Membership-Linda Ramsden
Nominating-Jen Vogels
Website-Shondel Hansen & Janet Wyrick
Liaison-Trish Braun 


New CTRS:  President Nancy Sonnleitner announced the names of WCRA members
who obtained their CTR credentials this past year and a plaque was presented to honor
each.  Members recognized this year were: 

Cindy Koeppl-Marshfield/St Michaels
Pat Norris-West Allis Memorial
Sharon McGinnis-Waukesha

Silent Auction:  The Executive committee held a silent auction again this year.  The money raised will be used to support funding of members unable to obtain financial support to attend the WCRA annual meeting.  Discussion was held regarding the continuation of the silent auction; while members enjoy the auction and many items are donated by member, the auction items have been going for monies far below their value.  Please contact the executive committee if you have any questions/suggestions for further fund raiser opportunites.  The Robert Hendrickson scholarship application is also available.  If interested contact Nancy Sonnleitner and she will email the information. 

WCRA Executive Committee Voting Method:  The current WCRA voting procedure was discussed.  Pat Recely addressed the options to include voting by voice, mail, email, or at an annual conference.  The choice of email was addressed and some of the issues discussed were: cost of software, increased involvement of all members due to low conference attendance.  Jen Vogels did investigate software available and noted there are free software and low cost software programs available.  She will forward information to Janet & Shondel.  Jen also addressed the cost of postage and time in the mailing method.  Registered members present voted to have voice vote at this meeting and the decision was made to have this voice vote as an option at our fall meetings if a quorum is met.  

Liaison Position:  Nancy Sonnleitner addressed the fact that this is an appointed position by the president.  Due to increasing costs across the board and decrease in funding available the executive committee will be reviewing this position. We currently cover the cost for the NCRA Annual Conference for this position.  A suggestion was made to have 1 or 2 members take notes at the NCRA Annual Conference and present at the WCRA Fall Conference or post on our website.  Another suggestion was made to purchase the tapes NCRA makes available.  The executive committee will address these issues.  Please email any suggestions or concerns to the executive committee. 

Membership Dues: Due date is December, 31, 2008.

Reminder – if have not submitted your 2009 membership dues – the membership rate is $25.00 after 1/1/09
For more information contact either Shondel Hansen at 715-847-2000 ext 53586 or Tricia Obrecht at 608-756-6139

2009 WCRA Annual Fall Conference:  Bob Millholland from UWMadison will host the 2009 conference and Lisa Robertson from Milwaukee will host the 2010 conference. 

Incoming Committee Members: Nancy Sonnleitner introduced the incoming WCRA

Committee members as follows:
President-Mary Kissinger
Vice President-Janet Wyrick
Secretary-Tiffany Johnson
Treasurer-Nancy Sonnleitner
ByLaws-Pat Recely, Cindy Ganzel, & Alberta Caughey
Membership:Shondel Hansen & Trish Obrecht
Nominating:Jen Vogels
Website:Shondel Hansen & Janet Wyrick 

Closing remarks:  Nancy Sonnleitner thanked everyone for their past 4yrs of support in her position as President.   A social hour will be sponsored by RegAssist, Inc. following today’s conference.   Members were reminded to take time to look at all the silent auction donations provided by members.  Much appreciation was given to the members who continue to donate items to make this fundraiser worthwhile.

With no other new business at hand, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 4:15pm. 

Respectfully submitted,


Tiffany Johnson