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 For current Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System updates click on the following link:                                             

 Web Sites:  Manuals Needed for Required Reporting

Please bookmark or download the following sites for assistance in completing cases for state reporting:

Collaborative Stage Manual

Scroll to ‘Manual’ – choose the option to download the complete staging manual.  Use this manual to complete the Collaborative Stage (CS) fields required (and recommended) for reporting.
Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules

Scroll to ‘Complete Manual’ – Download the complete manual with the latest updates.  Use this coding manual to determine the number of reports needed to complete for each case.
Data Collection of Primary Central Nervous System Tumors

Use this manual to determine reportability and correct coding for benign brain and CNS tumors (reportable to WCRS beginning 1/1/2004).

Site-specific surgery information this site, scroll down the page and select Appendix B – site specific surgery codes.  This will help you identify the correct surgery options for individual sites and choose the correct code when abstracting electronically.

AbstractPlus, the data entry program, is a stand-alone executable and is already available to any facility interested in “going electronic” prior to the 1/1/09 deadline.  Please contact Lu Ann Hahn to obtain the software.  Prior to the deadline you will need to provide your IT staff with the program hardware specifications to ensure your facility is capable of using this system.  Please make sure this is done as soon as possible to allow your IT staff enough time to provide you with the proper access and hardware/software if your computer does not currently meet the required specifications.

AbstractPlus Specifications

RegistryPlus programs are written for the Microsoft® Windows® 32-bit environment installed on an Intel® Pentium® or Pentium-compatible computer. The minimum hardware requirements are the same as those of the Microsoft Windows operating system used. Additional system requirements include:

·         Microsoft operating system from Windows 98 through Windows XP
·         128 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)

·         Latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (recommended) The available hard-disk space requirement for Abstract Plus depends on the number of abstracts that will be used. A minimum of 70 MB of free hard drive space is required.

WebPlus, the data submission software and soon to be required submission platform, is not yet available but will be ready for testing soon with implementation by the October state-wide rollout.  Currently electronic data can be submitted via CRS Main Line, an email-based data encryption and compression program developed for WCRS in 2003.  Contact Lu Ann Hahn to order a copy.  This program will be discontinued once WebPlus is fully operational.

RegistryPlus On Line Help, the help feature included in AbstractPlus and WebPlus, is also available as a stand-alone program from CDC.  It can be downloaded for free from the following Web site:

For more information on AbstractPlus, WebPlus or RegistryPlus On-Line Help please visit the CDC/NPCR Web site at:

SEER RX Online

Not sure if the drug listed in the patient chart is cancer-directed? Experimental? Hormone therapy?  Chemotherapy?  SEER Rx online look up provides the information you need to help determine the correct drug category and its reportability.  It can be downloaded for free at

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