Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System Staff

Robert Borchers, Data Manager, GIS Specialist
facility feedback reports, quality assurance, data requests                 (608) 266-0633                              robert.borchers@wisconsin.gov

Mary Foote,  Epidemiologist,
report writing, annual and special publications, data analyses              (608) 261-8874                              mary.foote@wisconsin.gov

LuAnn Hahn, Research Technician, 
form requests, paper report processing, facility profile updates            (608) 266-2082                              LuAnn.Hahn@wisconsin.gov

Kim Ortman, Research Technician, 
electronic submission processing, computer program support             (608) 267-0239                              kim.ortman@wisconsin.gov

Laura Stephenson, Program Director, 
data requests, registry management, reporting and computer support    (608) 266-8926                              laura.stephenson@wisconsin.gov

Carole Eberle, Education Trainer/Coordinator                                      (608) 261-8388
Statewide training, case editing

Jane Conner, Research Analyst                                                         (608) 267-9055
Quality Assurance Assistant

Fax Number :                                                                                   (608) 264-9881

Case Submission email address                                    WCRSdata@dhfs.state.wi.us 

WCRS Web Site                                                    www.dhfs.wisconsin.gov/wcrs/index.htm

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