WTRA-WCRA 1975-2009

The Wisconsin Tumor Registrars’ Association began in 1975 to promote and support the growing Tumor Registrar profession. The main purpose of the new association was to promote research and continuing education through an annual meeting to be held each fall in Madison, WI. The first WTRA annual meeting was held at Methodist Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin on November 6, 1975.

The first executive board consisted of President Deborah Powers, Vice President April Fritz, Secretary April Wegner, and Treasurer Kathie O’Donnell. The first treasurer’s report from 1975 accounted for $229.98 in the coffers. The dues were $5.00 and there were 33 members. Bylaws were created to define and govern the newly formed association, and have remained (with timely changes) to this day. Nomination for officers was taken from the floor at the first annual meeting and voting done by a show of hands.

In 1995 the WTRA changed its name to the Wisconsin Cancer Registrars’ Association (WCRA) and in the fall of 2000 celebrated its 25th anniversary in its founding home, Madison, WI. The first Vice President and charter member, April Fritz, returned as the guest of honor and keynote speaker.

Today the WCRA has moved into the new millennium with the addition of this web page and a membership of 57. Dues are currently $20.00 and the treasury has total assets of $12,000. Charter member Kathie O’Donnell-Thalacker is still a member in good standing. The main purpose of our association still remains to promote and support the Cancer Registry profession through research and continuing education. Today members from all parts of Wisconsin plus Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota support our organization and our cause.